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  2009.11.17  00.15

we're an indie rock band from tampa florida. we have a country,southern indie rock sound, if you're into that give us a listen!


  2009.05.22  17.08

SadMe - moscow rock-band.
SadMe vocalist MelerySad is a key person, she writes all lyrics and music for all songs.

40.89 КБ

SadMe online:


  2009.03.23  14.33
♫ ♪ City In Fiction ♪ ♫

A Miami-Based Indie Band:


Genre: Experimental; Indie

Mods: if this kind of promotion is not allowed, please feel free to delete this post. Thank you.


  2005.02.16  11.43
Hey everyone...

Doesn't anyone post in this community anymore? I'd be interested in learning about new bands, etc. Possibly even sharing some...

Mood: okay

  2004.07.21  21.46

I am selling almost my entire 7" collection on ebay. Featuring rare 7" from the likes of Enon, Love As Laughter, Spoon, The Strokes, White Stripes, Milemarker, Bright Eyes, the Black Halos, A Roman Scandal, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Mooney Suzuki, Jimmy Eat World, Sparta, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Unwed Sailor, Engine Down, Les Savy Fav, Rye Coalition, Carissa's Wierd, John Vanderslice, Promise Ring, Silver Scooter and more. I've only got about half up on ebay right now so keep checking back.

go here


  2004.06.01  12.52
New album

Great new albums :D

I bought some new albums today and they were worth every penny

Who killed the Zutons - The zutons

They are like The Coral and are from Liverpool.
The stuff I have heard from them previously was rubbish but a friedn suggested buying the album.

I wont regret it.]

I also bought International Superhits - Greenday

I only bought it cos Im going to see them at the Leeds festival and the person Im going with is a huge fan bethamint

Mood: happy

  2004.05.29  22.54

its been a long time since i have been on and i have been grounded so i update:

modest mouse and steriogram= don't really like them....at all
franz ferdinand...i think i do like them....
we have all estabilished that i like mcs, kill hannah, and the anniversary....
at the drive in is always good....

welshcheguevara, you have full ability to post now and you should find the option to post in this journal if you get under your journal and go to post..under the options it will ask which journal you want to post in....

a note to every one.... i need some new oppinions and bands...so....
list some...

Mood: curious

  2004.04.05  21.22

sooo as it would appear, no one has joined yet...but thats all good...i must say....im kinda depressed about that...lol...an update.... learned how much i do infact love the anniversary!!!toooo bad they no longer exist...that makes me mad....

Mood: chipper

  2004.04.02  23.09

ok indie kids....and emokids...or whoever is here... do join... all topics indie are both welcome and wanted...

Mood: excited